WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Introduction to the Leap® Device

Introduction to the Leap® Device

Posted by Leap Vapor on Jul 3rd 2019

The Vaper’s Struggle:

Whether you’re a vaping expert or not, trying a new vape device can be daunting. From getting just the right flavors for your tastes, becoming accustomed to the intricacies of a device, or just learning how to find the perfect puff, people have questions when it comes to using a Leap ® Device for the first time. Luckily, Leap is incredibly simple to use! Here’s how.

What’s In The Box


Each Leap e-Vapor Kit comes with: one (1) Rechargeable Leap e-vapor Device, one (1) USB Charging Cable, and one (1) 1.5mL Carolina Tobacco 4.8% nicotine e-liquid Leap Pod.

The Device & Pod

The Leap Device is the battery unit of your vape that can be paired with the included Carolina Tobacco Leap Pod.  This flavor was bundled with the device to deliver immediate tobacco satisfaction!

The Charging Cable

The USB Charging Cable was designed not just for convenience, but also multitasking. Before you use your Leap Device for the first time, plug the Charging Cable into any USB charging port (make sure the port is not a data transfer port but rather a port intended for charging) and connect the other end of the cable to your device. Thanks to the magnets built into both the device and the cable, the two parts will quickly click into place. When the windows on the sides of the device turn green, you’ll know the battery is charging. Once your device is fully charged, the green indicator light will go out. Even better: Leap Devices and cables feature pass-through technology, meaning that you can vape while your device is charging!

Vaping With Leap®

When you’re ready to vape, make sure that the Device is fully charged. Remove the silicone plugs from the top and bottom of the Carolina Tobacco e-liquid Pod and insert the Pod into your Leap Device until the edges are flush. It’s that easy! Simply activate your Leap by inhaling on the mouthpiece. Note: No need to press any buttons, your device only activates when you take a draw.

Before using any Leap Pod, make sure to remove the silicone plugs. If you don’t, the connectors between the Pod and Device won’t touch for the system to work!

Perfecting Your Preferred Puff

The only way to truly experience the satisfaction of a Leap Device is to try it for yourself! Try drawing or inhaling slowly at first to get a feel for the vapor production. Inhale a little more vapor with each puff. As you use your Device, you’ll become accustomed to the draw you prefer. Note: While some people prefer a very long draw, the Leap Device has a built-in five-second overuse protection feature. Your device will stop functioning automatically if activated for more than 5 seconds, and it will remain deactivated for 3 more seconds before it can be used again.

Choosing Your Flavors

No matter your preference, Leap has a flavor for you. Leap Pods come in both tobacco and menthol flavors so you can choose what’s right for you.

Love tobacco? Our Carolina Tobacco option provides an incredibly flavorful and rich tobacco vaping experience, with smoothness and satisfaction that can’t be matched.

Whether you want a classic flavor to perfectly compliment your morning joe or a more modern flavor to be your daily driver, Leap Pods have got you covered for unparalleled vaping satisfaction. Visit our Leap Pods page to see all of your available options.

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Caring for your Leap® Device

The Leap Device was designed to be easy to maintain. Simply store your device in a clean, dry area when not using it, and keep it charged for your daily or desired vaping needs.

If you don’t plan to use your device for an extended period , store it with a full charge and no Leap Pod inserted.

Be mindful that the Leap Device and Leap Pods should not be kept in enclosed areas that can reach extreme temperatures, such as in a hot car.

Make sure to register your Device for the Extended Warranty for up to 1 year of coverage and receive members only perks. You’ll also be first to know exclusive news and Leap Vapor updates!

Still Have Questions?

Our Customer Support team is here to help. We’re available at (877) 373-0069 or support@leapvapor.com, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET. You can also visit our FAQ and Help Center at any time.